New York Times: Best shoes for Travel? Ask a Flight attendant

Kelly & Katie Whitney Flat (DSW)

A few days ago New York Times writer Stephanie Rosenbloom contacted me to discuss something very important: Flight attendant shoes. I wouldn’t joke about something as serious as this. The following quotes originally appeared in the article Best Shoes for Travel? Ask a flight attendant that came out today. For the record, my Aerosoles really are cute. I swear I get compliments on them all the time. Don’t believe me?  Check out the picture at the bottom of this post.

Heather Poole, who lives in Los Angeles and has been a flight attendant for more than 15 years, acknowledged that many female flight attendants put Dansko clogs on in the plane but described the shoes as “hideous.” Her favorite in-flight pair? Flats with a cushioned insole ($29.95) from Design Shoe Warehouse. In the terminal she wears shoes by Aerosoles.

“I actually get lots of compliments on those,” she said in an e-mail while her flight from New York to San Diego was delayed.

Like her colleagues, Ms. Poole, who blogs about her life at, advises passengers to wear comfortable shoes because you never know when you will have to run for a plane in an airport, or get off a plane should there be an emergency. (This is also why she advises against wearing flip-flops.)

Her solution for tired feet? Upon arriving home after a long trip she uses a heated foot massager by HoMedics.

Here’s the link to my shoe review of the Kelly and Katie Whitney flat from DSW (pictured above).  And yes, I do know my Aerosoles are probably not “regulation,” even though my airline now allows flight attendant shoes to be adorned with staps and buckles.  Just not sure how many straps and buckles.  What I do know is they’re super cute and comfy, which is not an easy combination to find, so I bought a couple of pairs.


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    I loved Heather’s post this week about inflight shoes, because as a flight attendant myself I struggle with finding great concourse and inflight shoes that are attractive and comfortable. I really love the DSW shoes she has highlighted here and am going to check those out. I also have a fav pair of inflight shoes that are cute and comfy and only $16 at Payless shoes!

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