The Rick Lake Show

Guess who got invited to be on the Ricki Lake show! That’s right, ME. Guess whose studio audience received a copy of my book, Cruising Attitude. That’s right, Ricki’s! I had a fantastic time. It was by far the most fun television interview / book promotion I’ve done to date. Not just because I got to share a dressing room with JetBlue’s most famous flight attendant. I’ll give you a hint: He grabbed two beers and jumped down a slide. He’s also been a Halloween costume for two years in a row. You got it, Steven Slater!

He told me things about That Day that no one else knows, things you’d never believe! Things he might share with me in an upcoming interview. We’ll see. What a nice guy. The minute he walked into the room there was an instant connection. It felt like I’d known him all my life. But that’s just how it is with flight attendants. Doesn’t matter who we work for or if we’ve ever met before, we always have so much common and almost always get along great. I have no idea when the episode will air, but as soon as I find out I’ll post something here.



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