Photo of the day: Doing it “doggie style” in first class


Photo courtesy of Kathy S

Caption Courtesy of @IanHMoore



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Yeah, that's me, the one standing in the aisle wearing flammable polyester...

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  1. No, I don’t have a clue what happened. At the bar she was the most beautiful woman, getting more and more so with each drink. But when I woke up on the plane, she was just another dog in a red tube top. I know, beer goggles again.

  2. Fido still couldn’t figure out why the two dogs and the cat from “Homeward Bound” didn’t just book themselves a fully reclining bed in first class………

  3. Now this is what Fido called “doing it doggie style”…. but he couldn’t figure out why everyone kept snickering when he mentioned it….

  4. Sophie is happy to be anywhere … but in doggie First Class, they have dog beds and water bowls. Focus, people — your job is not yet complete.

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