REAL men don’t cry…about coach

That’s what I tweeted earlier this afternoon.  I expected to get a lot of grief over that, but strangely just the opposite happened.  Frequent fliers from around the world hung their heads and fessed up, confirming what every flight attendant already knew to be true based on all the teary-eyes and mopey looks that are almost always found in the first three rows of coach – because that’s where all the passengers next in line on the upgrade list are seated!  Now I have to be honest here, I kind of like a man (or woman) who’s not afraid to cry – very quietly – in their seat, NOT the galley!  The quiet part, yeah, that’s key.  Here are a few of the replies that had me cracking me up…

  • “I do quite frequently! No shame in this game!” – @FlyBoyVancouver
  • “But real men do cry about US Airways first class ‘legroom'” – @Skyvan
  • “They don’t cheer about it, either.” – @Hharteveldt
  • “It’s more like a soft whimper…” – @Speedbird272
  • “Well, we might secretly cry while walking up the jet-way or in the lavatory” – Geno Sung
  • “We actually do. But in private.” – Art Jaladoni
  • “I  just sob silently and clutch my drink coupons” – Rob Olsen


  1. It depends on what’s going on … whether it’s an existential crisis:

    Crying is justified when the Chargers lose (well, we’re getting used to it)

    Crying is justified when the Chargers win (for obvious reasons)

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