Just another flight attendant fantasy…

At the cabin divider between first class and coach is where I stand when I sing this song to cranky coach passengers who are suffering from hunger pains,  dying of thirst and not at all shy about letting everyone on board know just how much they hate their seat.   At the end I snap the curtain shut and go back to serving first.



  1. Heather, yes, Donkey Class, or ‘Coach’ can be very trying. But they aren’t the worst. That prize goes to business – its not down the back but its almost at the front, almost. Sharks can smell blood from 3 miles, business class folk can smell Veuve Clicquot from ten. Makes me nervous as I pop open those bottles in the forward galley because I stand between them and their goal, the top of the pyramid, the vault, First. Why did they stop me taking on my five inch corkscrew, it was my only form of defence!
    Yours, a defenceless flight attendant.

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