Photo of the day: Suzy may have realized a little too late that becoming a flight attendant to see the world may have been a bad idea.


Photo Courtesy of Heather Poole

Caption Courtesy of @BBPropst



  1. Now that Penny can read the pumpkin pie recipe more clearly, she realizes it called for nutmeg, not cayenne pepper. Allison is *very* glad she had to fly that day.

  2. After getting through half of Cruising Attitude, Suzy started to realize that become a flight attendant to see the world might not have been the best decision.

  3. It says here in the manual that I have to smile, even if its fake, non stop for 8 hours straight……..I can’t take it anymore! How have you been able to that for 20 years…..?…….(the fake flight attendent smile)

  4. If I have to tell them to put their electronic cigarette away one more time, it’s going to become an electronic anal probe!

  5. But yet there are thousands and thousands of people wanting to be a FA thinking its going to be better to leave their finance job, doctor, lawyer, CEO, etc to try their chance to get a little taste of this life!!!! Someone’s got to do the job and there will always be people that will do the job 🙂 #crewlife

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