43 Replies to “West Flight Story: Stewardess fight tonight!”

  1. West Side Story: The Jets and the Sharks. “There’s goin’ to be a rumble toniiiiight!”

      1. What a wealth of excellent material! Great entertainment for days! Thanks! 🙂

  2. This is what happens when we let Mimi loose with Photoshop. Dare we move on from the Color tool??

  3. Damn, they got red stockings. Did you listen to me when I said we should have blue stockings? Nooooo.

      1. That would’ve been a great birthday present for me! (3/7). I’m married to a Purser for a major airline, she also found it funny. On 3/8, I also celebrate 20 years with the same major airline.

  4. “Quick Sible get to the hotel shuttle before that other crew does and we don’t have time for Starbucks!”

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