Plane Truth About Flying

36420886683c31c1a33bPlane Truth about Flying originally appeared on the Australian website  It’s one of the best 10-interesting facts-about-flying articles I’ve read in a long time.  Check out #2… 

2. Is it true that diet cola is harder to pour in the skies?
It’s true, the fizz and the high altitude make diet cola the most difficult drink to pour. Flight attendant and author Heather Poole says: “Of all the drinks we serve, Diet Coke takes the most time to pour – the fizz takes forever to settle at 35,000 feet. In the time it takes me to pour a single cup of Diet Coke, I can serve three passengers a different beverage.”




  1. Heather;
    Neat article! Just one quick question. You state,”Interestingly, on some airlines, a flight attendant’s injuries in flight can’t be officially classified as an on-duty injury unless it happens during what’s known as “extreme turbulence”—where the captain loses control of the plane or the craft sustains structural damage.” According to OSHA (Yes, I am a Health&Safety Manager) If this happens in the performance of your job it is considered a work related injury. Curious as to where you got your information?

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