Crew Corner: Gap Modern Boot Pants


“Work” pants from The Gap FINALLY arrived on my doorstep last week.  Took long enough.  Three weeks to be exact.  They’re Modern Boot cut ($59.95)  and  fit so well I’m thinking about purchasing another pair in black.   Unfortunately Navy is only available online.


Q:  Do those work at every airline? (I’m off probation February 1st.)

A:  “Correct” answer is no.

Q:  Are you allowed to buy your uniform from The Gap?

A:  Uh-no! (Gulp)

Q:  Are you saying your uniform pants are from The Gap?

A:   NO. (nods yes)

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  1. The probational FA on her first trip to LHR misunderstood when she heard “Please mind the platform gap”. She thought something was wrong with her platform heels.

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