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I took this photo for Karen Walrond who’s putting together the Tumblr series Where Bloggers Blog.  That’s my desk.  And that’s my cat.  His name is Gatsby.  Sometimes I call him Richard Parker after the tiger in the movie Life of Pi.  Which reminds me, I recently wrote about Richard Parker in Skydoll, book number two, a work still in progress. I’m only on chapter five.  But I’m writing the book at that desk, right next to that cat…

Oh how I wish I were more like Richard Parker, the tiger from the book Life of Pi.  More than anything I wish I could be on the cusp of something new and never look back, without once ever entertaining the thought of saying goodbye. Maybe one day I’ll be able stand on the sand and stare straight ahead intensely for a good five minutes before charging full speed ahead with no regrets.  For Richard Parker it was the jungle that called.  For me, well, it kind of feels kind of like a jungle too…or maybe a big black hole….or a long metal tube with thirty six rows of seats.  Only I’m holding on to a cart that keeps rolling backwards…. 

Here’s an excerpt of chapter one




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