My Favorite Less Toxic, Nontoxic, Natural and Organic Things

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This Undercover Sheep mask is my new favorite face mask and believe it or not it’s made out of wool. I had no idea wool could feel so soft, like a jersey T-shirt. When I misplace it I panic because that’s how much I like it. The wool makes it easier to breathe and the elastic straps don’t hurt my ears. I have it in black, blue and pink. Covid has everyone feeling blue so I usually wear the pink because it feels happy. (My son stole the black one and won’t give it back. He’s a fan too) If we’re friends, you’ll probably get one for Christmas.


MAKEUP: Juice Beauty: I switched to Juice Beauty two years ago after researching nontoxic products. I love everything about Juice Beauty makeup. Their skincare line is great too.


BED: Floyd bed: I searched a long time for the perfect, affordable, solid wood platform bed. I went with the natural wood color with white metal brackets. Love the minimalist design and the fact that I didn’t need tools to put it together. The unique design makes it easy to move. It’s the perfect frame for my Shikibuton (Japanese futon / mattress). Now I want the Floyd Sofa. And the Floyd Table. And the Floyd Bookcase.

Futon Shop Twin Bed

DAYBED: The Futon Shop‘s Asian Style Twin Platform Bed (with extra long legs) makes a great daybed. It’s perfect for small spaces, studio apartments, regular size apartments and homes. It’s versatile and looks cool with fringy boho pillows. (See photo above)

TATAMI MAT: I actually own an authentic Japanese tatami mat from JLife. Have you ever smelled Japanese Rush Grass? Oh my gosh it smells so good.

JLife Tatami Mat

SHIKIBUTON (FUTON /MATTRESS): I bought a 100% pure cotton / wool Shikibuton  =(Japanese futon) from Etsy Seller Relaxation Products: It’s thinner than a regular western style futon, which is why it’s nice to have the tatami mat (cushion) underneath it. I had no idea what a good night’s sleep felt like until I slept on a shikibuton. Two years ago I bought a shikibuton to use temporarily, but now, two years later, I’m still using it and I doubt I ever go back to a conventional bed. My son fell in love with mine so I bought him one, too. I plan to write more about it one day.

ORGANIC COTTON PILLOWS: Etsy seller Relaxation Products also sells organic cotton/wool pillows. I bought two sets and I want more. Yeah, they’re expensive, but you’re breathing in whatever your pillow is made out of for 8 hours every night so a good quality pillow is worth it. I felt a difference right away.


CLOTHING (basics): is my go to place for organic cotton basics like underwear, undershirts, socks (love their socks), tank tops, everything.

SHEETS: Pactwear. I bought my son Pactwear cotton sheets and they’re by far the best cotton sheets I’ve ever owned. Great quality, soft AND AFFORDABLE.

TOWELS: Pactwear white waffle bath towels are perfect. They’re soft and they also  absorb water. Have you noticed most towels don’t absorb water? I hate that.

BEDDING / BLANKETS / DUVETS: All I want for Christmas is Coyuchi everything. It’s pricey, but think of it as an investment. You’re investing in your health. If you happen to find Coyuchi on Ebay GRAB IT. Who cares if it’s used. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it. I have the white double stitch cotton comforter and oh my gosh it’s heavy.


SHEETS: I own and like Len Linum and //“>Simple Opulence linen sheets. I don’t know how I ever lived without linen sheets. I can’t believe I bought my first set two years ago. So sad I lived so long without linen bed sheets.  They’re cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I love that they get wrinkled because that means they aren’t covered in formaldehyde.


WEIGHTED BLANKET:  If you want to have THE BEST SLEEP EVER buy a weighted blanket.  Go with cotton and glass beads (versus plastic). Cotton breathes so you won’t sweat like you would if you owned the cheaper synthetic plastic version. My 15 pound twin size blanket is so heavy it’s hard to fold or carry to the sofa, which is why   I tell everyone to buy the twin size. If you share a bed with someone, buy two twin size blankets.  Trust me on this one. You want your own blanket…that you can pick up and carry to the sofa.

Travel Berkey

WATER PURIFICATION: One of the best things I did for myself was buy a Berkey.  I went with the Travel Berkey, which is slightly smaller than the Big Berkey, and ordered a stainless steel spigot to replace the plastic one. It’s perfect for two people. Berkey filters out chemicals, metals, bacteria. My water tastes great and I don’t have to worry about stocking up on bottled water in case of an emergency. Now I need the Berkey Shower Filter. (photo above: spigot is missing.)

AIR PURIFIER: I’m on my second Winix Plasmawave.

DEHUMIDIFIER: If you live near the ocean or somewhere humid, you need a dehumidifier. I own a Vremi. I’m always shocked by how much water mine collects every day.  During the summer I dump out 2-3 buckets.

DYSON: New products off gass chemicals that end up in dust, which is why I vacuum every single day. If you have allergies, you need to vacuum every day.  I’m so thankful for my Dyson V8. 


HEMP LEASH: My dog has a natural hemp leash made by Etsy Seller Bavarian Pets .  The packaging is so nice you can order it as a gift for someone and you won’t have to wrap it. Check out the video of my dog on his leash at the bottom of this post.

HEMP COLLAR: Etsy seller Wiggly Woos Pets makes great eco friendly hemp pet gear. I bought my dog a natural collar so he’d stop scratching. My dog has  “environmental allergies.” Plastic water resistant collars make him itch.  Check out the video of my dog wearing his collar at the bottom of this post.

CAT BOX: ModKat Box. I love the tall sleek design. No big deal if anyone sees it. I also love how I don’t have to vacuum up litter every day like I did with a regular cat box.

LITTER: Dr Elsey’s is my favorite brand of cat litter. I have chemical reactions to synthetic fragrance, so I try to avoid fragranced products. Cat litter can be a problem for me.


WIRED HEADPHONES: Symphonized NRG X Wood Earbuds are the best earbuds I’ve ever owned. I will never EVER wear wireless earphones.


LANTERNS: These //“>Maggift solar lanterns are so beautiful that I told myself I had to buy them to use in case of an emergency.  I live in a tiny place and I don’t have space to store things so I try to buy things that serve multiple purposes. I have one in my garden and one next to a window inside my house to use like a nightlight.


FREE & CLEAR DISH DETERGENT: //“>Ecos, Seventh Generation

FREE & CLEAR LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Ecos, //“>Seventh Generation

FABRIC SOFTENER: Distilled vinegar in the wash, wool balls in the dryer.

CLEANING PRODUCTS: vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, sometimes bleach

LIQUID HAND SOAP: //“>Dr Bronner’s Lemongrass Lime Organic Sugar Soap, Ecos lemongrass and 365 Fragrance Free

BAR SOAP: Dr Bronner’s peppermint, //“>Kirk’s Castile unscented and  //“>A La Maison Hypoallergenic unscented bar soap

TOOTHPASTE:  //“>Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint, Tom’s of Maine

DEODORANT: //“>Stinkbug Tangerine Spice or //“>Tom’s of Maine

DENTAL FLOSS:  //“>Tom’s of Maine natural waxed dental floss

AIR FRESHENER: I use natural activated charcoal to remove odor and dampness from the air. //“>Huanlemai makes these (unscented & chemical free) pretty little bamboo bags. Hang them in closets, your car or near the cat box.


None.  I’ll write more about this later.  Sometimes I use //“>Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.  In the past I’ve used //“>Free & Clear shampoo & conditioner and 365 Fragrance Free shampoo & conditioner.  Before that it was //“>Biolage. 

BOOKS: The following books changed my life.

//“>Natural Home, //“>Eat To Live, //“>The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


I plan to update this list and write more about why I try to only buy nontoxic / natural products. Stay tuned! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 


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  1. What a great list! I’ll definitely be trying some of these. I’d like to recommend the Austin Air Purifiers and for adorable T-shirts the company Green 3 (organic cotton and made in Wisconsin!).

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