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San Diego Layover Photos

Yep, that’s exactly what you think it is. That lovely photo above is just a sample of what you might find on the camera after you ask the husband to join you on your long San Diego layover so you can take the kid to the Zoo to see his two favorite Am-in-al, the el-e-bent.…

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This picture was taken from my hotel room window. Guess the city and win a set of 6 FLIGHT ATTENDANT GREETING CARDS designed by ME! *** THE WINNER IS…JGO & ONA *** Extra points if you can name the hotel!


Greetings from 35,000 feet

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been flying nonstop since Christmas Eve. That’s 8 times back and forth across the country in 8 days. And I did it with a wad of Aloe Vera tissues, a pack of non-drowsy Sudafed, and a little jar of Vick’s vapor rub in my pocket. It wasn’t fun. I’m still…

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