Cathay Pacific

For those obsessed with flying, a funny email from the husband who traveled in first class from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific…

This flight was better than anyone could put in words. I have my own little cabin with a desk internet and movies. I was given a Shanghai Tzen pajama set and ammenity kit and a huge down pillow and comforter. My seat reclines to a full bed and I have a privacy shield. I even used all the cool lotions in the two bathrooms shared by 14 people. The toilet was spotless the whole trip. The food and presentation was better than a restaurant. I have to list it b4 I forget. Smoked salmon shashimi with Caviar. Cream of mushroom soup Salad greens with scallops and shrimp. THAT WAS ONLY THE APPY AND SALAD FOR LUNCH!The lunch was a lobster stirfry with soup bok choy and a cold tofu salad. After two more movies I had a hot panini with prociutto grilled veggie and cheese. Another movie and I had a noodle soup with duck breast. NO FAT. Pure breast. Dinner wasn’t as good. Large fruit plate followed by grilled rack of lamb and potatoes. The coffee is great. My traveling friend in business told me that I would not be able to ever fly business class now that this happened. He just came downstairs to ask me if he was right. If I can’t swindle an upgrade home I think I may pay the difference. If I turned around now and came back to LA I would be happy. This guy larry is great. He is 50 or so and has had his company. Here for years. We are going to share a cab to the hotel and have dinner tommorrow night. He gave me the names of his personal tailor and the directions to the good stores. I m about to land so I think I’m going to go to the bathroom and shave or something. Maybe a facial ???(AIRLINE NAME DELETED DUE TO OBVIOUS REASONS) BLOWS!!!!!!!Love you!

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  1. No other way to travel if your flight is over 4 hours, darlin’. I’d sooner farm myself out in the airport Ruby Tuesday’s if it came right down to it, to avoid business class on an overseas flight…

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