Ho-tel, Mo-tel, Holiday Inn…

Yeah, so I kind of sort of borrowed my husbands ipod yesterday (What he doesn’t know won’t kill him) and that song (read the title above) is what I listened to while running (okay, so I was really jogging, slowly jogging) on the treadmill – Rapper’s Delight/Delite?? Okay, I know what you’re thinking, Say What? Yes, it’s true, I was getting down with M. A. S. T. E. R. G with a double E. Now, ummm…can someone please tell me WHO IS THIS GUY? I’m talking about my husband, not Master Gee. Seriously. Just when you think you know someone you (unbeknownst to him) borrow their ipod, since yours is dead – again, and BAM! Some crazy ass music starts up, and it’s some really really good crazy ass music. Next thing I know I’m jogging faster, and I’m going longer, and I’m having fun, fun running? Yes, fun running. And I’ve got this big stupid happy smile on my face. And what do you know, lo and behold, the pain in my knee is gone. It’s a miracle! I freakin love old school rap, and I had no idea! Seriously, music is amazing. It transforms us, at least it does me, and takes us to another place. It makes the mundane exciting once again. You see, what I’d expected to hear was a little Tobey Keith, maybe a bit of Metallica, sprinkled in with Linkin Park, and topped off with Dave Mathews -that’s my husband, the rockin and rollin Jewish cowboy. Not exactly what I’d listen to, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. There’s no way I can run in silence. In fact, I can barely run at all. So imagine my surprise, when I turned on the ipod, ready to fast forward through most of my husband’s annoying music, but surprise, surprise, a really cool electronic beat hits me, and in between there’s really cool nineties club music mixed in. This is the kind of music I grew up on. The kind of music I love. I had no idea my husband even knew what club music was. Did he even go to clubs? Does this mean he can dance? I don’t know. Do I even know my husband? Seriously, I THOUGHT we were total opposites when it came to music. Actually, we’re total opposites when it comes to well just about everything really. Now I find myself wanting to download his entire playlist to find out more about this guy. He’s a whole new person. And he’s hot. No longer the boring guy who comes home, pops open a diet coke, plops down on the couch where he watches episode after episode of Law and Order in the dark, somehow he’s transformed into this mysterious stranger, an interesting stranger with one bad ass play list. I’m not kidding when I say he’s like a new and improved husband. I think I like him. So back off ladies, he’s mine. And so is that ipod shuffle of his.



  1. Don has Brittney Spears on his Ipod. He was golfing and embarrassed because the picture of her album was on the screen and he thought a guy behind him saw it.

    I am going to see Dr. Katz on Friday to talk about my awful nose job. Maybe he can make it better?

    I was having my annual exam done by my gyno last week. My little sweet baby was in the corner sitting in her bugaboo when I heard a uuuuuuuugggghhhh! GRUUUUNNNNTTT. Yes- we all ignored it but knew what was going on in that corner in the little room we were in. It seemed like it went on for 5 minutes.

    Breakfast-a banana and coffee
    Lunch-Wonton Soup

    Face it Heather-you are a blogger.

  2. First off, your nose is fine. Second, I agree, Don should be embarrassed of Brittany. Brittany? Go see what else he’s listening too. I bet he’s lindsay lohan on there too. HA! He’s going to kill you. And third, UGHH, GRUNT, should be the title of your next post.

    Breakfast – coffee, canadian bacon and cheese panini…YUM. (gee, and why aren’t I losing weight?) I’ll do a protein shake for lunch.

  3. I totally know what you are talking about as far as how music can lift your motivation. I used to always run with music until that little dog biting my butt incident. More on that later. I also went through a minimalist change where I wanted to hear the wind and the ocean and just toughen up, sucker! (that’s what I told myself). Plus, the ocean breeze would always blow my earpiece out. I guess I could modernize and actually move up from a cassette mix to an iwod. Whatever. The music definitely kicks things up- way up! Bet you don’t remember my favorite kick it up music? Too Short. Do you even know who Too Short is? Still, hands down the best motivational music! ha ha. I have Kurt Smith to thank for that. He also introduced me to the Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Check them out and you will be running like a gazelle (on crack perhaps) but still running blissfully.

  4. Chaos, Remember taking the subway to Prospect Park to see the Brooklyn Funk Essentials? They were amazing live.

    Dog biting butt incident:
    Me running past house. Dog jumps over fence, bites my butt. Skin not broken, however teeth marks evident. Stunned, I pull my earpieces out and go, “what the h@#%!” I go to the front door of house to inform owner. Little, old Cuban lady opens door. I explain situation, she goes to fetch some rubbing alcohol. Her English is minimal. I then run home, tell Greg. He calls the non-emergency police #. Nonetheless, fire trucks show up at our house. Cute men with rubber gloves come to examine the side of my butt where bite occurred. I comply and in the heat of the moment show no fear of revealing partial butt cheek and thong underpants. It was only later that I realized what I had done. Police show up, go to dog biters house, rabies papers supplied. Butt- bite heals. Caution used when passing dog-biters house. Fence repaired. Headset not used. Trepidation felt (even today) while passsing the fire station on my runs as the firemen perhaps recognize me as the dog-biten, butt revealing girl.

  5. I love the dog biting butt story. It’s a classic. And I also remember going to see the Brooklyn Funk Essential, only I barely remember the band, but I do remember that cute little Thai place we had dinner in afterwards. Oh, and taking the subway, as it took FOR-EVER, and I kept wondering, why are we doing this again? HA! Good times.

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