Occupation: Music Booking Agent

Last Gig Booked: 12/21 – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for four shows in the Philipines

Miles flown this year? Over 100K

Last flight: NYC/Shanghai

Check it or Carry on? Carry On – Always

Window or Aisle? Aisle

Something to Drink? Pinot and bottled water

Beef or Chicken? Maple Cliff Bar, Sugar Wafers, Watermelon Hubba Bubba and bread and ice cream supplied by the airline

What exactly is in your carry on bag? Clothes, toiletries, I pod

Since you’re the Music Guy…what exactly is on your ipod? led zeppelin, tool, afi, the verve, linkin park, Saosin (white ep) and too many others to name

While we’re talking music, favorite song right now? Johann Sebastian Bach – “Brandenburg Concertos” I just can’t get enough of that one

Back to flying, any packing tips/tricks? As light as possible

Describe your traveling outfit. White baggy cotton beach pants, black hoodie, black canvas vans sneakers with velcro straps for easy on and off

Best or worst shoes to wear through airport security – Best : Vans with Velcro straps – see above

Any airport routines? Arrive as close to the departure as possible and avoid eating at least 2 hours prior to a long flight

Best airline/experience? The Japan Airlines lounge at Narita that offers massages and massage chairs

Nicest Airport? Narita

Favorite Airport restaurant? Famous Famiglia Pizza at LGA – I don’t really have a favorite but that’s the most frequented (it’s not even really that good).

Hotel away from home? Regent Beverly Wilshire in LA

Favorite in-flight announcement? When they say that the “the flight attendants are here for your safety and convenience so please don’t hesitate to call upon them and they will do what they can to make more trip more enjoyable.” (I find that hilarious since it’s beyond a rarity). How can they really make my flight more enjoyable – ummmm let me think????

Book last read on a flight? I only read magazines or do work – books put me asleep


I can’t fly without my… i-pod

On my last flight…One woman complained and requested her seat be moved because the person sitting next to her was so fat that the seat belt barely fit. He was literally oozing out of the seat – very Jabba the Hut – like. She was Australian, moved her seat to the row in front of mine and then asked if she could come back to my row and drink with me and my associate since she didn’t like to drink alone. I think she drank a bottle of wine and then slept for 9 hours. She was a trip!!!

This passenger I sat next to…had horrible breath – I hate when that happens. You try to position the air vent in a way to keep the stink out of your airspace. It’s a very complicated process but can be mastered with a lot of practice. Unfortunately this is a very common experience and sometimes the plane doesn’t have the movable air vent so you have to master a special technique of breathing and the positioning of you head to try and avoid the stench.

I had this one flight…where the plane actually departed on time and landed early. It was miraculous – no airport delays, no flight delays and early arrival. I didn’t think it was possible

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d … either be Hawaii for pure tropical paradise or Prague for the most incredible architecture

When it comes to traveling, I wish…I could always fly private/charter

Why are/do flight attendants…still show people how to buckle a seat belt?

Next flight? NYC to LA in early feb


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