Books, Boots, Buckles and Uniforms

Originally I sat down to begin working on my novel SKYDOLL, a story about love and sex at 35,000 feet, but then somehow I sort of ended up on the website. Still not sure how that happened. But it happened. And boy am I glad it did, because now two pairs of boots (including the pair pictured) will soon be headed my way. I can’t wait! After placing the boot order, I pulled up my manuscript, and while I scrolled down to chapter four, I began wondering whether or not I should have ordered a new pair of in-flight shoes to replace my scuffed up Mary Janes I’ve been wearing for the last few months flying back back and forth across the country while working in business class. I love my Mary Janes. I really do. But it’s time for a new pair. While I skimmed over chapter three, the chapter about the podiatrist with the foot fetish, I started imagining what I needed (something practical like a pair of Dansko clogs) versus what I wanted (Something sexy I say!) Which led me back to the boot search (Yes, I’m obsessed) and right to these babies…Now that’s what I call a boot. Not that I’d ever wear something like that to work, but if I did, it would be good for keeping warm in the winter while waiting outside the airport for the hotel limo. And notice the pointy toe, which is always a plus when kicking something out of your way, like a bag out of the aisle. Buckles, unfortunately, are not regulation where I work, which means this boot would make a great boot for someone else. Like someone who doesn’t have to work on their feet for a living.
But that boot got me thinking about work, not my book, and what it’s like, REALLY LIKE, to work these days wearing a flammable polyester tent flying back and forth across the not-so-friendly skies. Flying has drastically changed. That’s a fact. And that fact, somehow, had me googling “the top ten flight attendant uniforms,” which led me to The Uniform Freak. Now I’ve mentioned Cliff before on my blog (his website is over there on the right), the KLM flight attendant who has an amazing website of airline uniforms from all around the world (Cliff, if you’re reading this, email me, let’s do lunch.), and it was on Cliff’s website that I found my dream uniform, The Air France uniform, a classic navy blue suit with style. No boots for this uniform. I say heels. Hmm…wonder if Zappos carries a pair of conservative navy blue heels? And I also wonder if I’ll ever get back to writing my book, SKYDOLL, a novel about love and sex at 35,000 feet?

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