On Call With Reality TV

What does a reserve flight attendant on call do while it’s raining buckets outside? Watch reality TV while waiting for the phone to ring of course! Yes, it’s true, I’m a reality TV junkie, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I truly can’t get enough of shows like Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, The Shot, The Bachelor, Rock of Love, Celebrity Rehab, and the like. Mindless TV. But there’s one show in particular, besides Scott Baio’s ridiculous look on life as a father-to-be, that I love to hate hate hate…The Housewives of Orange County. Hel-lo, can you say tacky, desperate, and self absorbed. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, there’s a new show on Bravo about another group of housewives, only these women live in New York City. When did this disease make it’s way from coast to coast? Could it have possibly boarded one of my transcon flights? Because now there’s a whole new group of empty women who’ve joined the I-love-myself-club. And the membership, I’m sad to report, seems to only be growing. As I watch the bleach blonde cheeseballs from the OC discuss the grooming habits of places on their body that no one cares about but them, and then tartly toast themselves with, “here’s to not being fake,” I search for a barf bag. Hate to break it to you ladies, but just because you’ve got the bucks to travel in first, doesn’t mean you have class. I haven’t been this annoyed since working the flight to Vail.



  1. I admit I’m guilty of watching the train wreck too! And speaking of trains, Pet and I just tagged you! And you thought waiting around for a flight was bad. : )

  2. I love that show…I tivo’d the NY Housewives and only saw one episode. Is it still on? I love to watch cougers. And what is happening to Lori? She looks more and more like a puppet every episode. I think it is her chin…

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