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So what does a flight attendant do on her birthday? She doesn’t fly, that’s for sure! While I got lots of great gifts (thanks everyone!) one of the best ones came from an expectant place – COSI! After reading my blog, the good people at Cosi said they’re sending me coupons for sandwiches and drinks. Did I happen to mention I love Cosi? And you would too if you tried the tomato basil sandwich.


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Yeah, that's me, the one standing in the aisle wearing flammable polyester...

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  1. Wow, it’s Emmanuel Lewis’ birthday?! Please tell Webster happy birthday for me.

    And Happy birthday to you too! I got something for you for your birthday.

    It’s from Neiman Marcus.

    A pair of mink slippers with matching luggage? No, better!

    It is a $200 recipe for a special gourmet Cosi sandwhich.

    [Cookie not included.]

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