“Are you like the only person eating at this place?” asked my husband, sitting in front of the computer checking the stocks.

“Why?” I laughed, leaning over his shoulder. “Did the price drop again?” And that’s when I saw that it had, indeed, dropped again.

“Buy it anyway!” I demanded.

Call me crazy, but I’m not worried about falling stocks, not when I alone could keep the company in business. The company, the one I just bought five hundred dollars worth of stock in yesterday, is a teeny tiny little place – actually, it’s not quite a place, but rather a stand, half stand / half cart – called Cosi. Though Cosi has been around for awhile, it’s somewhat new at La Guardia airport, and has become the answer to my traveling food needs. I love, as in LOVE LOVE LOVE, the mozzarella tomato basil sandwich. In fact I love the sandwich so much I actually get excited about flying out of La Guardia airport, an airport I’ve been known to avoid in the past. For real. Thanks to reserve flying last month, I got stuck flying out of La Guardia airport eight times, maybe more, but each time I made sure to arrive early enough to make a quick stop at Cosi. Hey, you never know what’s going to happen in the world of travel. One minute you’re headed to Chicago, and the next you’re being diverted to (insert city here.) It happens. Which is why you have to come to the airplane prepared, people! Don’t count on us. I mean even we, the flight attendants, can’t count on us, not when it comes to food. Seriously, these days my job feels more like an episode of Survivor than the glamorous job of days gone by, which brings me back to Cosi and why I’m in love with the place. It’s the crispy flat bread that gets me every time. Not to mention, that flat crispy and delicious bread fits rather nicely in my stuffed tote-bag, so nicely in fact that there’s room for a bottle of water AND a bag of chips. Though it is a bit pricey, especially on a flight attendant salary, the freshness and the quality of the food is worth every cent. Trust me. So next time you travel, make sure to grab a sandwich for yourself, and don’t forget to pick one up for the crew as well. Because when your flight attendants are happy, you’re happy.



  1. The one saving grace about LGA is the food, because God knows it’s not about the on-time departures and arrivals. I’ll look for Cosi next time I’m out at LGA (I try to go JFK whenever possible).

    Just took Flight — from — (oh, I can’t tell you because I’m doing a photo contest on my blog too), and I just got home – 5 hours later than scheduled. And the food options at the departing airport SUCK, at least after security.

  2. Oh YUM!

    Good food…….and it travels well! That alone makes it worthy of investment.

    Of course, I cannot partake in the joys of Cosi at LaGarbage Airport, as I work on the “other” terminal. The TSA, [which stands for Thousands Standing Around,] won’t let me past your security without a ticket. I am therefore stuck eating Sbarro, which I believe the Italian word for “all entrees are at least 1000 calories.”

    But that’s OK as I am trying to get fat!

    – Bob aka Mad Doggy Dog

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