What the hell is going on over there? Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted to know after I walked up to the first class galley to ask the one in charge if she had any fruit left over from the breakfast service. While I didn’t find the one I was looking for, or the fruit, I did happen to stumble upon THAT…and that, I have to say, kind of scared me. And here you thought flying was glamorous? Think again.

While on the topic of glamour, perhaps you read the FLIGHT ATTENDANT OF THE MONTH interview posted below and saw the bit about my layover in Saint Louis, how the only thing to do there was walk through the cemetery, the one located right next door (thank god I had a view of the runway), shop at the Hustler store across the street (actually, it was really more of a Hustler Super store, and I couldn’t believe how busy it was – on a Sunday – full of normal looking people), or eat at Denny’s (the turkey club with fries still tastes as good as it did when I was in High school). As you should already know, I did two of the three above, and yes, it’s true, this prude actually did make a purchase at Hustler. Even I couldn’t believe it as I walked out of the store, hiding the bag in my purse.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed the husband over the phone after I told him I had just bought a DVD – a John Holmes DVD. Yeah, baby!

“I’m not kidding!” I said, excited to hear his excitement, but then…I didn’t want him to get TOO excited, so I added, “It’s just a documentary.”

The husband was sorry to find out that the DVD was, just as I’d said, a documentary. And now the husband and I know more than we’ve ever wanted to know about John C. Holmes, thanks to the documentary, WADD, The Life and Times of John Holmes, a DVD I may have to give away. Any takers?

So what exactly was the highlight of my St. Louis airport hotel layover? No, it wasn’t all the crazy stuff I saw at Hustler, though that was fun, and quite enlightening, and if you’re ever there you really should go, just to see for yourself. What I found to be the most exciting part of my trip took place in the shower. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a line of bath products from LATHER, a company I had never heard of before this trip. Mint Thyme shampoo and conditioner, Rosemary Verbena body soap, Yuza Bergamot moisturizer, they all went into the suitcase and flew from Saint Louis to Orlando to New York to Los Angeles, where they now sit oh so prettily on my bathroom shelf. The husband has been ordered not to touch. I’m hording what little is left. Why? Because I have never smelled anything so fresh and clean, not since Cady introduced me to Aveda years ago. I have to say, LATHER gives Aveda a run for the money.

Here’s what it says on LATHER’S website: Since LATHER’s inception in 1999, we’ve strived to inspire a healthier, more radiant life. We take a holistic approach to skin care, placing our focus on sourcing natural ingredients and essential oils, drawing upon the benefits of aromatherapy, and never using synthetic fragrances or artificial colors in our products. LATHER does not test any products on animals, nor do we work with labs that conduct animal testing. We are a proud member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and are included on their list of compassionate companies that do not test on animals.

Okay, so if you happen to find yourself in Saint Louis, or if you stumble across anything from LATHER in your hotel bathroom, please, for the love of god, grab em up, toss those babies in your suitcase, and send them to me! I’m begging you. Seriously, I can’t get enough of the stuff.



  1. for the John Holmes DVD: I think you should have another cool contest I can win… 🙂

    My hotel on Monday had Molton Brown toiletries. Those went right into the bag.


  2. Oh I LOVE Lather products! I first discovered them at the wonderful Larkspur hotel in San Jose in 2005 and immediately went to the Lather store there to bring back an armful of samples for my wife…still her favorite gift from one of my trips. The new Lather store in ATL presents problems though, what to do if connecting through ATL outbound only? The bottles are too big to carry through security, check my bag on the return leg? You betcha! 😉


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