Flight Attendant of the Month (GRACE)


Hometown: Great Falls, Montana

Base: JFK

Besides being a flight attendant, do you have another job? Bikram Yoga Instructor at Bikram yoga NYC

How long have you been a flight attendant? 11 years

How many airlines have you worked for? 2

Average hours flown a month? 75hours

Best thing about the job? The benefits and the days off

Last flight? May 24-26, 2008 London Heathrow

Galley or Aisle? Aisle

First class, business class, or coach? Coach

Widebody or Narrowbody? Widebody

Favorite airplane? 777

Regular Route? Caribbean turn arounds (if I can hold them) & London

Dream Trip? Toyko or Hong Kong

Nightmare Trip? 8 leg 2 day trip to anywhere

What’s in your blazer pocket? lipstick, pen, coat tags, crew list, money ($1 -$2), gum, cell phone…..not all items at once!

What’s in your totebag? Magazines, Medicine, Band-aides, iodine wipes, pens, passport, tea, snacks, manual, keys, hairbrush, IPOD, plastic fork,knife,spoon, herbal pills, nasal spray, flash light, cosmetics, metro schedule, yoga studio schedule, money,

Any packing tips/tricks? Roll clothes….bring a separate bag for dirty clothes. Put liquids in a plastic bag.

Favorite brand of pantyhose?Sigvaruis (prescription) support hose

Brand/type of flight attendant shoe? Dansko….I want to try the Z-coil shoes….heard they were great!

In-flight shoe? none

Any airport routines? Always taking the last employee bus to make my sign in! LOL!

Nicest Airport? JFK

Worst Airport? LGA or EWR…it’s a toss!

Favorite Airport restaurant? Chilli’s

Any traveling snacks? nuts, protein bars, PB & J sandwich!

Hotel away from home? Holiday Inn in London

Best layover city? Buenos Aires (hands down!)’

Favorite in-flight announcement? Have a good day/night!

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? The airline magazine located in the seatback pocket

Most annoying passenger question? “Where are we flying over?”

Nicest (or rudest) celebrity passenger? Nicest- Sidney Poitier, Rudest – Russell Crow

Ever hook up with a pilot? NEVER!!!

How about a flight attendant? NEVER!!!

Ever date a passenger? yes

Best way to pick up a flight attendant? be yourself!

Finish the following sentences:

I can’t fly without …my uniform, ID, F/A manual, Cosmetics, tooth brush, and clean underwear!

On my last flight…I was stressed because my husband didn’t make it on the flight as a non-revenue passenger. I left him in London! 😦

On my last layover… I hung out with my husband and caught up on my sleep.

I love when passengers…respect us…i.e: use good manners

A passenger once… drank out of my personal water bottle.

I can’t stand when pilots…are cheap.

There’s nothing worse than a flight attendant who…is mean to passengers for no reason.

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d…be on the beach with my hubby.

When it comes to traveling, I wish…I could travel on my non-revenue passes without worrying about if I have a seat.

Any advice for travelers? Be respectful and grateful to the flight attendants. Bring food for the flight attendants!



  1. I’m with you on LGA and EWR. EWR should be named EWWWWWWr.

    And thanks for the tip about food for flight attendants – it never would have occurred to me, seeing as you’re working near all that “food” and all.


  2. Grace graces Great Falls!!!! Woo hoo, I used to layover there in GTF all the time…..back before mainline gave it away to Skywest.

    We stayed at O’Haires Motor Inn, home to the famous Sip’n Dip bar. In 2003, GQ magazine voted the Sip’n Dip the “best bar in the world worth flying to.”

    The Sip’n Dip had a window behind the bar looking into the pool. Every now and then there would be a “show.” The decor was 1950’s Tiki Lounge….. and I am sure the last time the place was decorated was in the 1950’s. They had a singer, Ruth, with a gravely cigarette voice performing most nights. She was rather old and she chained smoked. Hope she is still alive and singer her heart out.

    Also, they hired local girls to put on a mermaid costume and swim around for the patrons.

    Where you ever a mermaid Grace?

    Some of our FA’s used to be mermaids for the night.

    The hotel had an old crew car with 360,000 miles on it. I used to take the FA’s out for a day or night on the town.

    We would go to the world’s shortest river. Visit the crystal springs. Then hit one of the many great steakhouses. And I would always buy the wine.

    Who says all pilots are cheap.

    Then if there was snow on the ground, I’d do “doughnuts” in the parking lot with the crew car. As my airline has many Southern employees, it felt it my Yankee duty to show them the joys of winter time fun…..the epitome of which is doing “doughnuts” in a snowy parking lot. Ah, I can still hear the shrill terrified screams of my ATL based FAs now! Of course, the SLC based FAs though it was fun.

    Because it is!

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