PASSENGER OF THE MONTH: The Fox News Correspondent

Occupation: Fox News Correspondent (HINT: He’s the foxiest Fox News correspondent I’ve ever seen!)
Miles flown this year? 52,000 miles

Last flight: Los Angeles to Sacramento

Check it or Carry on? Personal Travel= Carry On Business Travel=Check

Window or Aisle? Window!

Something to Drink? Champagne

You’re sitting in first class…Chicken or Beef? Chicken

What exactly is in your carry on bag? Laptop, Toiletries, Chargers, Story Research, Tapes

Any packing tips/tricks? Roll clothes… keeps them wrinkle free!

Describe your traveling outfit. Usually a suit

Best shoes to wear through security: Anything you can slip off quickly

Any airport routines? Nothing special…

Best airline/experience? Lufthansa (sorry – any of the foreign carriers are better than domestic ones these days)

Nicest Airport? Terminal “D” at DFW, American’s new terminal at JFK

Favorite Airport restaurant? Anything that isn’t a chain

Hotel away from home? American Colony in Jerusalem

Favorite in-flight announcement? Ladies and Gentleman… if you look out your window on the right side of our aircraft… we’re presently flying over the Grand Canyon (insert other landmark here)

Book last read on a flight? “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama

Now finish the following sentences

I can’t fly without my…Reading material

On my last flight…The woman next to me was terrified and I tried to make her feel at ease.

This passenger I sat next to…Would not stop talking and all I wanted to do was sleep

I had this one flight…Where I’m convinced lightning struck the plane and it scared the hell out of me.

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d …Be on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun.

When it comes to traveling, I wish…The airlines weren’t hurting so much more money – and looking to trim costs everywhere possible.

Now ask me a question, any question?

How long has your mother been a flight attendant? 11 years. I’m actually senior to her!


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