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Don’t know if you caught all the crazy comments on AOL after they featured my post from Galley Gossip, FLIGHT ATTENDANT PET PEEVE #1: Please Answer! yesterday. I mean sheesh, who would have thought that one question – would you like something to drink? – would rile so many people up. With all the negativity going on, it was nice to see something positive about my post at Global I’d never seen this website before, not until Kent over at Gadling sent me the link, and I have to say Global Traveler is a great site for those who love travel. Check it out! Oh and guess what, AOL is running my story (AGAIN) this weekend. I think I’m ready this time.



  1. Oh my gosh, Heather! I couldn’t believe it either. I’m a flight attendant too and, with all the anger out there in those posts, I’m afraid to go on my next trip! But you and I know that 90% of the passengers we interact with are intelligent, kind people. It’s just the rotten apples making the public look bad.
    Safe Flying,

  2. Don’t let them get under your skin Heather. It is just too easy for people to let it out on the internet. Most are bullied all their lives and see on this medium a type of pressure relief valve. A lot of miserable people out there, so sad. I am glad you are not one of them. I love your posts, keep up the good work! 🙂

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