8 Flights in 8 Days…

I’m back! Back in LA. Finally! Back from working 6 days straight. Back from flying back and forth across the country 8 times in 8 days!

DAY 1: Commute to NY
DAY 2: Work NY to LA
DAY 3: Work LA to NY
DAY 4: Work NY to San Diego
DAY 5: Work San Diego to NY
DAY 6: Work NY to San Francisco
DAY 7: Work San Francisco to NY
DAY 8: Commute back to LA

Now it’s catch up time. Clean the house time. Stock the fridge time. Buy a new video camera time. You get the picture. Soon you may be getting the video. So while I’m playing catch up, you can go to Gadling.com and see my VENICE: CANNAREGIO GALLERY of photos and read all about my vacation to Venice by clicking the following link – GALLEY GOSSIP: FLIGHT ATTENDANT VACATION: VENICE (CANNAREGIO), because when a flight attendant takes a vacation, it’s not your typical vacation. And while you’re over there reading that, you can also read all about SNACKS ON THE PLANE, because I wrote about that, too, based on my 3 hour delay from San Diego to New York when I found myself starving, like the rest of the passengers. So while you’re doing that, I’m going to be busy doing all the things I don’t really feel like doing. It’s catch up time.



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  2. I like your schedule Heather!

    One leg a day.

    I dub you an honorary international FA.

    Since misery loves company, here was my June:

    7th. commute DFW -ATL. DL Flts full….again. Buy ticket on AA for $460. ouch. Work flt to ATL – Milan [MXP].

    8. Arr MXP. Change clothes. Take train to Lake Como with some other fun crew members.

    9. MXP- JFK. Go out and party in NYC that night.

    10. Sleep in late. Fly JFK to MXP

    11. Explore MXP. Climb Duomo. See rock concert.

    12. MXP – ATL. Then ride the jumpseat to SFO. ouch again.

    13 -14. Play with mtn bikes in SFO.

    15. non-rev SFO to ATL

    16. non-rev ATL – GUA. Tkae taxi to Antigua, Guatemala. Play open mic night at Cafe Pena del Sol Latino.

    17. Climb Pacaya volcano

    18. Mtn bike in cloud forest.

    19. Mtn bike to Lake Atitlan, ride “ckicken boat” to remote lakeside resort. Jump in wood fired outdoor hot tub after dinner. Witness rock slide dangerously nearby.

    20. Kayak and hike around lake. Ride chicken boat to town, take Pan American hwy back to Antigua. Visit world’s most disgusting gas station bathroom.

    21. Nonrev GUA to ATL. Visit buddy at his lake house. Go to party.

    22. Go boating

    23. More boating. Drive to ATL. work flgiht to VCE.

    24. Arr VCE. Dine at 40 Ladroni on Heather’s recommendation. YUM!

    25. VCE-JFK. Meet wife in NYC for 45 minute date before her business trip takes her home LGA-DFW.

    26. JFK-VCE

    27. Play in VCE all day.

    28. Play more in VCE all day.

    29. VCE – ATL. Commute home to DFW…..finally!

    30. Go to my sailboat to make sure it is still floating. It is! Yay!

    PS I fly CVG to LGW tonight! On a 6 day ATL-LGW-CVG-LGW-ATL trip now.

    Ah, the life of an international man of mystery!

  3. I’m tired just reading yours and Bob’s exploits. (Bob, I like how you managed to fit a 45-minute date in with your wife!)

    I may be in my longest non-flying stretch since I’ve been a lawyer – it’s been 3 months already!

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