Whipping Girl

Why do I hate telling people what I do for a living? Because a conversation like this happens…

“So what do you do for a living?” asks…oh…whoever it is asking that day, which on this day happened to be a client of my husband, a very important client with a very impressive job.

“I’m a flight attendant,” I say with a smile.

The two second pause, that’s usually the initial response from the person asking the question about my job. During this never ending pause, I always find myself holding my breath, because the pause is always followed by one of two responses, and nine times out of ten it’s not the good response…

To read more about the good response and the bad response, go to GALLEY GOSSIP, my other site, and read all about AIRLINE BASHING, BRINGING THE WORLD TOGETHER. Sorry about the tease, I just really want you to go to Gadling.com and check it out.

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  1. on my last trans con flight (SFo-JFK) my flying partner told me I was behaving like a “witch” to the passengers and I realize that he may be right… I’ve noticed that the more senior flight attendants coddle the passengers whereas us junior flight attendants – put safety first, service second and if the pax are well-behaved only then do we go the extra mile…;-) I guess the friendly skies generation is a thing of the past ;-D.

    I’m still loving my job! Every time I’m at LGA or JFK; I look for you! We have to connect – I had gossip columnist Jeanne Wolfe on my transcon flight and she told me to send her my book and promotional materials.

    Hope all is well!

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