Flight Attendant Pet Peeve #4

It happened last month, on-board a 757, when flight attendant pet peeve #4 came to me. We were either leaving Miami or going to Miami, but there I was standing between first class and coach, greeting the passengers as they boarded when a very nice woman asked me a question about her checked luggage, or maybe it was her connection, whatever it was she was a little nervous and I reassured her it was okay. Vaguely I remember the two of us laughing about something before she picked up her carry on bag and took a few steps in the direction of her seat.

Five minutes later I heard a very loud commotion, and when I looked down the aisle to see what was going on, I saw the nice woman I had just spoken to standing near where I thought the yelling had come from. That’s when, like something out of a movie, I saw her curse angrily at the passengers seated around her, walk two rows back, throw her bag into the overhead bin, and slam the thing shut. Next I watched her shove passengers out of the way as she moved up the aisle and back to her seat where she climbed over the lady sitting on the aisle.

Overhead bin space, or lack there of, makes people crazy, makes them act out in ways you can not imagine, ways you really don’t want to imagine. It can turn a nice passenger into a mean passenger. It can ruin a flight – for passengers and crew alike.

Which brings me to Flight Attendant Pet Peeve #4: Turn around, look that way! Which is featured on Gadling.com today….

“Hello. How are you? Welcome aboard,” I say, and I say this as I’m standing between first class and coach while passengers board the airplane and slowly make their way down the aisle. That’s when I spot you standing at your row with your bag sitting on an aisle seat as you stare up at the overhead bin, a full overhead bin, and shake your head.

“Hello. How are you? Welcome aboard,” I say, as you continue staring into the full overhead bin above your seat, and as you stare, still shaking your head, I already know what you’re going to say before you even say it, and while I wait for you to say it, I continue to greet the passengers during the boarding process. “Hello. How are you? Welcome aboard.”

Though I can’t make out the words, I see you’re talking to those seated around you, pointing aggressively at your seat, at the overhead bin, back at your seat again, and as you begin to make a scene, a very loud one, you turn and look at me.

“Hello. How are you? Welcome aboard,” I say, and as I say this, I’m thinking to myself, here we go, and I’m wondering, as I’ve wondered thousands of times before, why you can’t just turn around and put the bag inside the empty overhead bin behind you, the one located three rows back. You see it. I see it. We all see it. So why don’t you use it? You can use it, ya know.

Waving your hands in the air at me, you say, “Excuse me, Miss! Can you help me!”

Of course. I slide in behind a passenger and slowly make my way down the aisle. You look very concerned, so I smile at you, but you don’t smile back. You never do. Now this is about to go one of three ways, depending on how often you fly…

YOU RARELY FLY: “There are bags in MY overhead bin!”

YOU FLY A COUPLE TIMES A YEAR: “Can you help me find a place for my bag?”

YOU’RE A FREQUENT FLIER: “Can I put my bag up there?” (pointing to first class)

To read more, go to GALLEY GOSSIP

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