Passenger of the month – THE HUSBAND

I’ve been writing about him for awhile now, so here’s your chance to meet THE HUSBAND, my husband, a passenger I actually met while working from Los Angeles to New York seven years ago.

Name? The Husband

Miles flown this year? 110,000

Last flight? Aug 28

Flying Pet Peeve # 1? Don’t get me started. I have two that have been tied since the advent of the cellphone. People with blue tooth earpieces blinking like some blue sea beacon that screams “look at me while I speak loud enough for everyone on the plane to hear about what went on in the meeting and later at the airport Hyatt bar at happy hour”. Its about respect, respect for those around you as well as those that serve you. Tied for first place:Bare feet and personal grooming! It’s an airplane not your bathroom. I’ve seen people clipping their toe nails, painting fingernails and walking about the aircraft barefoot. 200 people walk the plane per flight, 10 flights a day, 365 days a year. NICE!!!Sometimes I see people walk into the bathroom with just socks on and I wonder what they think is on the floor.

Check it or Carry on? Come on! Unless it is a full on deployment for two or more weeks its a carry-on for sure. If you can’t fit five days in a suitor you’re no road warrior.

Window or Aisle? Aisle during the day, window on overnights.

Something to Drink? Coffee in the morning Diet coke after 10am

Chicken, Beef or Pasta? Whatever is left when you get to my row as long as you can explain what it is under that piece of colored foil.

What exactly is in your carry on bag? Other than clothes? I always keep two quality cigars both a big Churchill and a Robusto. You never know when that one place you land is the going to be the most relaxing or breathtaking sight in the world. You only live once and you never want to say “man I wish I had a good cigar for this” I also keep enough electronic gadgetry to keep me entertained and connected.

Any packing tips/tricks? Take only what you need. I have yet to be somewhere where I couldn’t get an extra pair of socks or shirt in the case of a stain. Maximize your clothing choices. Pick one pair of shoes to match your suits and wear the casual shoes on board. ROLL NEVER STUFF. You only have so many cubic inches of storage. Rolling allows you to pack densely and accounts for all the space. Stuffing wrinkles and is not an efficient use of space.

Describe your traveling outfit. Well if I am going to the hotel after the flight I go casual as I can be without being offensive. Nothing says gross like the guy who changes into his “jammies” for a five hour flight. It should be illegal to go commando on a plane. I like to wear a double layer of shirts to keep me warm with a pair of loose fitting jeans and warm socks.

Best or worst shoes to wear through airport security? Believe it or not, my best is an old pair of roping boots. They are worn and practically slide off my feet when I tell them too. The boots are supple and keep me warm when in cold or rough climates and give me support when I walk long distances. Hopping terminals at DFW is faster on foot than with that new tram!

Any airport routines? I’m the guy in front of you who is through security without a second look. Shoes off, pockets empty, laptop in the bin and ticket in hand BEFORE I hit the metal detector.I always bear in mind that the TSA is inconsistent and each airport detail has its own pet peeves. I make the bags monkey proof. Anything that looks interesting on top and separate (charger, calculator etc. ). As soon as I get in the terminal I head to the airport lounge for a cup of coffee and a pit stop before getting on board

Nicest Airport? I could live in the Cathay lounge in HKG! The furnishings are modern and simple and they have a full kitchen staff cooking hot snacks to order.

Favorite Airport restaurant? Can’t say that I have one but I see JFK T9 may get a new steakhouse past security soon.

Hotel away from home? Hotel Jerome in Aspen. Ventana Inn in Big Sur. Hotel Gregoriana in Rome, Club Quarters when in London.

Favorite in-flight announcement? In the unlikely event of a water landing……WHAT A JOKE!

Book/Magazine last read on a flight? I read all day at work so mindless bits of useless info keep me entertained. Maxim, Men’s Health, Cigar Aficionado etc.

Scariest flight? Smoke filled cabin and an emergency landing. Makes you realize how fragile life is.

Best airline experience? Cathay Airlines first class. If they told me I could just turn around and fly back with them I may have considered it. When an airline has a turn down service with goose down comforters and feather pillows you don’t mind paying a comparable fee for the service.

Now finish the following sentences…

I can’t fly without my…Ipod

On my last flight…I responded to this entire questionnaire via Blackberry as I promised on my last flight when you were my Flight Attendant. By the way, you did a great job. This passenger I sat next to didn’t say a word to me and I enjoyed the relationship we were forced into for five hours.

I had this one flight where…I actually slept from the moment I took off to the moment we landed. It was like traveling on a time machine.

If I could be anywhere in the world…I’d be with my wife and son who put up with a husband/Dad who travels for days at a time.

When it comes to traveling…I wish I didn’t have to.

Why are flight attendants…so undervalued as part of the aviation industry. An airline will be equally crippled whether pilots, mechanics or flight attendants were to strike.

Next flight? LAX to Yellowknife. Think Palm trees in the morning and Ice Road Truckers when you land.


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  1. On the flight back from our honeymoon in Bali, the guy next to my wife got on looking like a stereotypical drugged out surfer. Somewhere over the Pacific he removed his shirt. I noticed this when I realized he was sleeping next to her wearing only surf shorts. I think he was drooling in his sleep too.

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