Take the airplane with you!

I know many of you may find this hard to believe, but there are passengers out there who actually want to take those germy blankets and dirty pillows home with them, and half of those crazy people actually do it. I’ve seen it. I’ll stand at the airplane door, thanking the passengers for flying with us, and I’ll spot it, a red nubby blanket shoved into an open bag hanging on a woman’s shoulder, or a small white pillow squished under the arm of a child. Of course I don’t say anything. If they want it they can have it, but I do hope it goes straight into the washing machine. If you’ve ever wanted a souvenir from the airplane, but are too chicken to just take it, whatever it is you could possibly want, here’s your chance to actually own something that is a definite conversation piece, something you may actually use quite often, something that’s surprisingly pretty darn cute, so cute, in fact, I want one! (In black, of course.) Check it out, Skybelts! These are belts made from actual airplane seat belts! They come in several different colors, and some are even decorated with crystals. Go to Skybelts and order yours (AND MINE) today!

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