Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but I’ve updated the website a little. This updating business is not easy, and has taken up a good part of my day, a day that should have been spent working on my book, Skydoll – love and sex at 35,000 feet. The reason I’m telling you this is because I’d like to know the update was not a complete waste of my time, and the way you can let me know is by following me! Just go over to the right hand side of this page, scroll down a bit, look for MY PEEPS, and sign up with one little click. Let me know you care. Please, I’m begging you, let me know you’re there.

On that note, I did visit statcounter today. Statcounter is a thingie that you embed onto your website to count the number of visitors who land on your page. It also lets you know how, exactly, those visitors found your site, as in which keywords brought them to you, which I find very interesting, and a little disturbing. Here’s the keyword analysis for today.

flight attendant shoes
My flight attendant shoe post has brought in the most amount of visitors than any other post I’ve written, which leads me to wonder, flight attendant or perv?

why do flight attendants have crappy uniforms?
Yeah, that’s what I want to know!

write about me page as a flight attendant
Okay. But first, who are you? Do I know you?

heather e poole

Emirates flight attendant
Not here.

how to pick up a flight attendant
Funny you ask…go to and read my post, GALLEY GOSSIP: FLIGHT ATTENDANT -STILL A HOT JOB TO DATE!

flight attendant with emirates
Not here, I said.

pilot uniformfreak
Aren’t they all?

flight attendent tits
Sorry, won’t be seeing those here. But thanks for checking.

the life of an emirates flight attendant
Is there something I should know?

heather poole flight
Not flying today, but hope to see you soon, like sometime in November, since I’m on vacation – all month!

katherine heigl

Is bitching and smoking somewhere, but not here.

cathay pacific call girls
For real?

first class flight attendant
Only on the 757

flight attendant announcement
“Flight Attendants, Prepare for landing,” is one of my favorites.

crew rest seats
Ours, not yours! So don’t even think about it.

emirates flight attendant salary
No idea, but I hear they get to layover in five star hotels and don’t have to pay for their apartments in Dubai.

heather poole flight attendant
That’s me.

emirates flight attendant sex
Yeah, can’t tell you much about that.

new york holly 30 flight attendant
This is LA commuter, New York based, Heather, 30-something, flight attendant.

best flight attendant shoes
Dansko clogs, but I don’t wear them

flight attendant emirates

flight attendant fantasy
No passengers and a long layover.

nude flight attendants

where to buy flight attendant shoes
the shoe store

flight attendants in emirates
Jesus Christ!

hot flight attendants cathay pacific
So I hear

what is good service as a flight attendant
I don’t know.

emirates hiring flight attendants
Yes. I think.

favorite brand pantyhose
Navy blue opaque DKNY

flight problems turbulence from another plane?
It happens.

working for emirates flight attendant

flight attendant salary emirates
Okay, it can stop now.

flight attendant greetings
Hello, welcome aboard, how are you?

emirates flight attendant blog
Let me know and I’ll post it here.

how much does an emirates flight attendant earn
Someone shoot me now.

what are the best shoes for flight attendants
Scroll up

flight attendant male shoes
Don’t know. Anyone care to share?

tote bag with a picture of a flight attendant
Seen em (very cute). Have no idea where to get one.

best shoes for flight attendants
Scroll up

flight attendants, ballerinas,

dansko too small need to stretch dansko clogs?
Okay, stretch away I say.

way to relax in-flight
Drink wine. Avoid the middle seat

young flight attendant in pantyhose
Not here, perv.

emirates flight attendant

flight atendants
Are amazing, aren’t they?

rolling bag flight attendent

what you got from being flight attendant?
wrinkles and scuffed up shoes

day in the life of a flightattendant
Scroll down. Read this blog.

heather poole blog
Right here! Thanks for visiting. Make sure to FOLLOW ME. And don’t forget to come back.


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