A letter from a passenger

Dear Ms. Poole,

I have recently became acquainted with your blog on Gadling.com and for the most part, I find it hilarious. I have been flying, on business, for the last 25 years and I think I have seen everything until I read your blog.

Frankly, I am ashamed to say I’m a passenger given the issues you raise. Yes, I have seen unruly passengers but I’ve also seen unbelievably ignorant flight attendants. I have seen a flight attendant berate a passenger because she was too slow moving down the aisle.What I have seen is that we have gone from the days that air travel was sophisticated and pleasant to the present time where airlines are nothing more than cattle cars moving from point A to point B (regardless of the length of travel).

For the record, I have never come on to a flight attendant, I have never asked for a date from a flight attendant, I have never been groped by a passenger (or anybody else) and I have never done so myself. I am one of those passengers who likes to read, listen to music (even when a movie is playing) and frankly be alone!

I appreciate your column as it brings a smile and please keep writing.

George G.


Dear George,

Based on the last two lines of your letter, you sound like a fantastic passenger to me. Actually, you sound like a dream passenger. Seriously, what more could a flight attendant ask for in a passenger? All kidding aside, I’m so glad you like the blog and that you took the time to write. Thanks for the kind words. You’ve made my day.

Happy travels,

Heather Poole


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