Sit-N-Stroll, a flight attendant must have!

Whenever I tell people, particularly flight attendants, what I have to do with my son in order to work my reserve months, I get the look, the-I-feel-so-sorry-for-you-look, because they know exactly what it’s like to be on reserve with kids, and what it’s like when you commute to work. With a kid. When I’m on reserve, I fly to Texas with my son to drop him off with my mother for a week, before heading to New York to work for a stretch of four to five days. Then it’s back to Texas where I pick up my son, and then fly to New York where he stays for another week with my mother-in-law. Finally, it’s back to Los Angeles, where we live, to drop off the kid with the husband, who has officially been grounded from traveling on business for two weeks, while I finish out the month of flying in New York. It’s not easy. On me. The kid seems fine. The husband, not so fine.
Now I’ve written about it before, and I’ll write about it again, all of that traveling (alone) would not have been possible without my Sit-N-Stroll. I love that thing. And now you can love it, too, because Deliciousbaby is giving one away, as in for FREE people! All you have to do is go to the website and post a comment before midnight tonight! What are you waiting for – GO! You’ll thank me later.


  1. Wow, how do you do it. I just have a cat to look after and that is it, and I still feel exhausted. Seriously you are a machine!


  2. I am a machine? LOL. THANK YOU! I wish I thought of myself as a machine. I see myself doing too much and not getting anything properly done. Ask the husband.

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