Flight Attendant Stats

Because it’s Sunday, because I’m bored, and because I’m still sick and still not feeling creative, and because I know you really want to know, here is my Statcounter keyword analysis for the week…

flight attendant blog – you found it.

flight attendant shoes – Dankso, of course!

flight attendant regulation shoes – Probably not Dansko

flight attendant greeting cards – Scroll down and make a selection

lay across your jumpseat song – Actually it’s called Lay Across Your Jumpseat HEATHER by my friend, Bob, the singing pilot.

world’s best travel blogs – Gadling. And guess who writes for Gadling. ME! Check out GALLEY GOSSIP: CONFESSIONS FROM THE JUMPSEAT WITH HEATHER POOLE.

whats the average hours for a flight attendant – 85 hours per month, but most flight attendants fly more.

bitchy flight attendant – Hey, be nice!

heather poole blog – Here! And thanks for visiting. Don’t forget to come back. OFTEN.

emirates flight attendant blog – Not here, so go here

bid service for flight attendants – A luxury and a must. For me.

hot flight attendant strip – Yeah…okay…try Youtube

how to roll clothes when packing military style – Roll them tight!

what is the good thing as a flight attendant? – Days off.

flight attendant how to deal with your costume – Hot water. Soap. Wash it. A lot

flight turnaround flight attendant duties not sure what you’re asking, but I have a feeling it’s the same as flight two day flight attendant duties.

how to pick up a flight attendant – Don’t. Let the flight attendant pick you up. Trust me, you’ll know when you’ve been picked up.

uniform freak – I’m a huge fan of the freak of the uniforms.

tips on inserting nipple rings – Be careful. And why are you doing this again?

what may you take on an airplane november 2008? The same thing you can take on an airplane today, November 9, 2008, which is the same thing you could take on in October, and in September, and in August…

flight attendant pantyhose blogs – I don’t even want to know.

kids stuff carmel, ca – I love Carmel. Got married in Carmel. Okay, so go to the firehouse where the really nice firemen give out stickers. Next go to the Cypress Inn and hang out with all the dogs and cats drinking tea with their owners in the hotel lobby. Don’t forget to check out the library for kids, get a book on sea otters, and then drive to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

ai 40 ladroni restaurant in venice telephone number – I don’t know, but I’m still dreaming about their crab gnocci.

heather poole skydoll Interested in my book? Email me. NOW!

packing light flying – Please do!

writing about flying – Keep reading.

is flying in turbulence safe – Of course, but keep your seat belt fastened, even when the sign is not on.

summary reclaiming the sky – Excellent book. Read my 9/11 post.



  1. I just wrote about uniforms odd… they were the “Viridian camouflage, unmistakable and identifiable from an airport, grocery store aisle, or the front page of the newspaper.” aka… army uniforms. But still odd for us both to think of matching outfits, hm.

  2. Oh, yeah… the queries that people type in search engines are certainly weird; weirder than those you cited for your blog. I’ll bet that Gadling’s webmaster could show you some!

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