A G-V & JP Morgan – Flight attendants wanted!

Something about me many of you may not know is that I once worked on a G -V. Yes, that’s right, I flew corporate on a Gulfstream V. Twice. Jealous? You should be. Because if you count each leg of those two different trips (to Vegas & Washington – for a week), it would total to six legs, six easy schmeazy glorious legs. It was amazing. Now let me put this in perspective for those of you who are scratching your heads and thinking, G-V? What’s that? That’s an airplane. Oprah, as in Winfrey, the big O, owns a G-IV. Well a G-V is a step up from a G-IV. Working on that Gulfstream is one of the highlights of my flying career. I feel very lucky to have experienced such a thing. I mean the jumpseat alone was something to write home about, something I will write even more about at a later date. The reason I’m talking about it now is because I just ran across this, which reminded me of that (the G-V) and this, I have to say, looks very interesting…

JPMorgan Chase is looking for a flight attendant whose responsibility is to ensure that the passengers receive the highest level of safety and cabin service on each flight.


• Provide service to the passengers and crew in accordance with procedures set forth in the CFRs, FOM and SOPs.• Follow procedures to ensure that the aircraft emergency equipment is on board, in working condition, and inspections are up to date.• Follow procedures to ensure that the aircraft is properly stocked, clean, and prepared for flight.• Be courteous and professional with the passengers at all times. Be sensitive to the needs of the passengers for service and for solitude.• Keep the Captain informed of any passenger plans or needs that may affect the conduct of the flight.• Assist in the accurate and timely completion of trip paperwork.• Keep the captain and maintenance informed of any discrepancies in the cabin or aircraft equipment.• Take on special projects and assignments from time to time.

Previous experience as a commercial or corporate Flight Attendant.
Knowledge and training in on board safety procedures and in the use of on board safety equipment to include first aid kits, oxygen equipment, survival equipment, and the use of AED(defibrillator).
Familiarity with meal planning, food storage, preparation and safety, ordering catering, and on board meal service.
Administrative and communications skills necessary to coordinate with the aircrew and attend to the needs of the passengers.

Click HERE to find out more!



  1. nice to see all of that bailout $ being put to good use!

    i would hate to think our hard earned tax money is being wasted 😉

  2. nice to see all of that bailout $ being put to good use!

    i would hate to think our hard earned tax money is being wasted 😉

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