I love my Acer notebook computer

It’s December, so I’ve been spending a lot of time making a mental Christmas gift list for the frequent flier. Now that we have internet access on some of our flights, a computer has to be on the list. What better way to get through a long flight?
Because my Dana finally died (after almost blowing up the Villa Rosa hotel in Positano, Italy), I had to find something to replace it. What I didn’t want was another bulky laptop to lug around on my trips. Not in this day and age of travel. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Why? Because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on another laptop. For whatever reason, I go through laptops like other flight attendants go through antibacterial hand lotion.
When it comes to computers, I’m a simple gal. All I want is something I can write with, something that will allow me to email so I can stay in touch with family and friends when I’m on the road, and something I can use to trade and drop trips if need be, which is very important when you’re a flight attendant. That’s it. That’s all I want. And that’s why I love my Acer. At $348 what’s not to love!!
In fact, I love it so much, I can’t figure out why it’s so dang cheap. So I asked Scott Carmichael, the techie go to guy over at Gadling.com. He knows everything. Here’s what I wrote…

Dear Scott,

I just bought an Acer computer from Walmart today for $350 and it’s amazing! AMAZING!!! Great for people on the go. It’s light weight, fast, perfect for emailing, web browsing, checking flight attendants schedules, and writing for Gadling. The sales guy said it’s pretty much designed for old people and college students (and flight attendants, I say). The only thing I know of that I can’t do is watch a movie. So what gives? Why is something so amazing so cheap? And should I buy another?

Heather Poole

Scott writes back…

I’m assuming you purchased the Acer Aspire One? These new small machines are the hottest seller in the PC world at the moment. But if you look at them compared to “regular” laptops, they are not that cheap at all. A normal laptop costs about the same, but has a larger screen, DVD drive and more power.They are a great money maker for the PC manufacturers. That said, I am a huge fan of them, and they really have made travel a lot easier. I’m reviewing a similar machine from Lenovo here (Gadling) and will have it posted in a few days. As for the price, $349 is about average. You can find them slightly cheaper through Amazon, so no; I would not go out and get another just yet, the technology is changing very rapidly.



  1. Well it sounds similar to my EEE pc which is tiny! I have two though as I need a bigger one to store all my music and bigger files but I agree, I think this is the way technology is heading!

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