Ranting and raving about passengers who rant and rave

Okay, so I just finished a post about being fat on the airplane (set to go on Gadling tomorrow morning – if I don’t pull it in order to keep working on it which is very likely to happen). It wasn’t an easy post to write. I had a lot to say about the subject matter and the problem with having a lot to say is that if you say TOO much people stop listening. Like my husband does whenever I’m going on and on about whatever it is he has forced me to go on and on about because he didn’t listen the last time I went on and on about it. Another story.
In fact, I had so much to say about being overweight on the airplane, I’m actually entertaining the thought of starting a new blog about my personal experience with being fat. On the airplane. Seriously, if not for this teeny tiny, Los Angeles based, flight attendant I met on the 757 jumpseat over five years ago who was kind enough to share her story about being fat, and why she was fat, when I wasn’t even close to being fat, I’d still be fat today. Still with me? Good. Because it was one of the most important conversations I had in my life. But that’s another story. One I won’t bore you with here.

What I will bore you with is why I’m even posting today. I had no intention of blogging. In fact, in twenty minutes I’ve got to start getting ready to meet Margo Candela for lunch at some crepe place because that’s where she’s agreed to meet me to show me how to write a book proposal. (Another long story – okay so it’s really a short story, but it’s a story that I’m not telling yet!) The reason I changed my mind about blogging is because I’m just a little shocked at some of the comments from my breastfeeding post on Gadling. I don’t understand why people have to be so mean to each other, and why women, especially, want to attack each other over something as simple as breastfeeding. If they act like that over feeding a child on the airplane, imagine how they’re going to react to my post about being overweight on the airplane. It’s going to get ugly, trust me.

Look, I know it’s a me me me world out there and there’s no way I’m going to change that, but it’s December for crying out loud! Isn’t this the season where we all try to be better people? So why does that always seem to get lost on the airplane? Or even just talking about the airplane!

Photo/picture courtesy of Carolitajohnson (flickr)

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