Christopher Elliott picks his top 50 travel twitterers

Perhaps you already know him, but if not say hello to Christopher Elliott, big time travel writer for MSNBC and National Geographic Traveler. He also also writes a travel blog that I follow. That everyone who enjoys traveling follows. Are you following? You really should. So big time travel writer over there rated the top 50 travel blogs of 2008 and it was no surprise to see that Gadling made the list. What is still a bit of a surprise to me is that I actually write for Gadling. But that’s another story. This story is about an even bigger surprise. Christopher Elliott picked me – ME! As one of the top 50 travel twitterers you should follow. I’m talking about me, Heather Poole. Ya know what, hold on a sec, let me just go back and make sure that really was my name on the list…
Yep, that’s me, Heather Poole alright, number 16th from the top. So if Elliott is following me – ELLIOTT, as in big time travel writer Elliott, why aren’t you?


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