The Feisty Foodie – places to eat in Forest Hills, New York

Those of you who follow me know I love all things flying, movies, books, and food – especially food. If you’ve been following my posts on GALLEY GOSSIP you know I’m stuck in New York on reserve all month. You also know that my two year-old son is spending time with his grandparents while I finish the month out sitting around the crashpad and watching bad reality TV (I love it!) while waiting for crew schedule to call. Because I was #28 on the reserve list yesterday, I took a chance and jumped on the Long Island Rail Road to visit my son in Long Island. All I can say is thank god for my in-laws. I couldn’t do this job without them, not when I’m still on reserve after fourteen years of flying. Did I happen to mention reserve sucks!
Today I’m #28 on the standby list and tonight my husband is flying into New York from Los Angeles and since I’ll probably still be sitting around the crashpad when he lands, we’ve decided to take out his parents for dinner. It’s my job to find a good place to eat in Forest Hills. My regular spots – Austin Thai, Corfu, Cabana Express, Pahal Zan – while all good, are just not the kind of places that say – Thank you for watching my son for two weeks! Da Silvana, my favorite restaurant in Forest Hills, is a place we go to each and every time we all get together. It’s wonderful. But I want to find something different this time. So I went to and searched Forest hills and a few places piqued my interest – Dave Brown’s Wine Bar (probably not the place to take a 2 year-old, no matter how well behaved), Dirty Pierre’s (probably too small to seat five people), London Lenny’s (doesn’t sound like the food is all that great), Alberto’s (maybe a little too stuffy)…

Somehow during my Forest Hills food search I found the Feisty Foodie (I’ll be adding a link to her blog over there on the right), and an hour later, I still haven’t decided where to take my in-laws for dinner tonight in Forest Hills. But I do know where I want to eat dinner the next time I’m in Manhattan – Supper, a rustic Italian place located in the East Village. I also know who I want as my new best friend – Yvo, the Feisty Foodie! (Sorry Cady) Her website is amazing – full of wonderful food descriptions and beautiful photos. Check it out! Just don’t go there hungry….

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