Three books about flying I just bought on

Cockpit: Confessions of an Airline Pilot by Stephen Keshner

While it didn’t get the best reviews, the reviews are what made me purchase it. Won’t be reading it anytime soon because my mother, also a flight attendant, picked it up and couldn’t put it down. Already she’s told me about the time the author of the book ate a salad he saw on the floor outside his neighbor’s hotel room, and the time another pilot, a reserved gentleman, screamed out FUCK YOU I-don’t-remember-who on descent so that in case something happened it would be one of the last things recorded on the black box. I can’t wait to read this book, but it is now off to Dallas zipped up in my mother’s overstuffed tote bag. She better bring it back! YOU BETTER BRING IT BACK, MOM!

Flying by the Seat of my Pants, by Marsha Marks

I’ve been meaning to buy this book for some time now. Well I finally got it in the mail yesterday and I’m already half way through! It’s cute and sweet and a quick read about one woman’s journey as a flight attendant. I found myself laughing out loud as I read it at the hair salon sitting in the swivel chair as Alice straightened my hair. My favorite story so far, the one about cellulite. I also enjoyed reading about miscommunicating with the Southern Belles from another airline that merged with Marsha’s airline. I have a feeling I’ll be finishing this book on my flight from Chicago to New York tomorrow morning.

Going on a Plane, by Anne Civarde and Anne Bates

This one I bought for my two year-old son who travels almost as often as I do. I thought it might be fun to read before we fly home to Los Angeles on Monday. My son got so excited the moment he saw it last night while we were eating dinner at Da Silvana in Forest Hills. “Read it to me!” he said over and over and over until I read it to him. “Again. Again,” he said when we were done. His favorite page, the one with the toy car going around and around on the baggage claim.


  1. I’ll bet Marcia flew for Western Airlines when they merged with Delta. I was also a Western Flight Attendant and I remember well dealing with the Delta “Southern Belles”. Western was the best airline ever. I loved my career with them and have the best memories. I’ll look forward to reading her book, maybe some day I’ll write my own!!

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