February flight schedule

I bid for high time turns in February. A turn is a trip that starts and ends in the same day at a base city. My base is New York. My turn of choice is Dallas. New York to Dallas (and back) is 7 hours of flight time. That’s good time for a flight attendant, which is exactly why I bid for these trips. You see I plan to drop most of them, so I needed to find something desirable to hold, something that other flight attendants would want to pick up. My plan is to back up two of my Dallas turns with two transcons to the west coast. Rest assured my schedule will look completely different in just a few days, thanks to my amazing trip trader, but here’s what my schedule looks like now…

Sat 31 DFW
Sun 01 DFW
Mon 02
Tue 03
Wed 04
Thu 05
Fri 06 DFW
Sat 07 DFW
Sun 08
Mon 09
Tue 10
Wed 11
Thu 12 DFW
Fri 13 DFW
Sat 14
Sun 15
Mon 16
Tue 17
Wed 18 DFW
Thu 19 DFW
Fri 20
Sat 21
Sun 22
Mon 23
Tue 24 DFW
Wed 25 DFW
Thu 26
Fri 27
Sat 28
Sun 01


One comment

  1. Your schedule bidding system seems very complicated. It’s times like that I’m happy to take whatever the sysytem dishes out for me. Not that we get a choice anyhow ….

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