2 Replies to “Miracle on the Hudson photo (first class vs coach)”

  1. That’s classic! Very funny.

    Oh, Heather. Did you hear we’re getting new flamable polyester uniforms later this year? About time, hu? Hope they are a big improvement over today’s sexy poly/wool blend. They’re so comfortable in the summer. The sweat dripping off our faces into pax drinks is a nice touch. Well, we’ll see what the new ones are like. (Apparently the new dress is more like the old dress most of the ladies preferred, and us guys will be getting pin striped shirts and pleatless pants.)
    Flight Attendant

  2. Heh. he he he. They forgot the part that says “seat cushions $10′ :p

    Oh, I love how people think wool is a good idea in summer!! No thank you!

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