Flight attendants in the news – Kate Middleton

I read an interesting article about Kate Middleton, the girlfriend of Prince William, on my flight from Las Vegas to New York in Vanity Fair….

Kate is the daughter of former flight attendants, Michael, 58, and Carole 38, who now run an online party-paraphernalia business called Party Pieces…

Micheal Middleton grew up in Leeds, and his father was a pilot. Carole Middleton grew up in Southall, London; her father, Ron Goldsmith, was a builder, and her mother, Dorothy, a store clerk. Michael and Carole met while working for the former British airline BOAC. Carole was a stewardess, Michael a steward, who would later train to become a pilot. In 1987 Carole came up with the idea of starting a mail-order business that would sell party ware – paper hats, glitter, themed costumes, etc. The success of Party Pieces would allow the Middleton’s to purchase a five bedroom house in Bucklebury and make them millionaires…


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