Heather Poole is here, again, and on reserve

From Bob, the singing pilot:

“In a world…..where time and space have no meaning……where the bounds of reality disappear……where life changes at the whim of unseen forces….where madness rules supreme.!

One never knows where they are……or where they’ve been……..or where they will wake up tomorrow.

[ring ring]

“Hello Heather………this is crew scheduling….”

[Cue dramatic bass-heavy music. Roll flickering montage of short scene clips.]

For one woman…………….The world will not be the same………ever again.”


Coming soon to theaters near you.Spring of 09


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Yeah, that's me, the one standing in the aisle wearing flammable polyester...

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  1. Do you have a special ring-tone on your phone for when they call you? I haven’t done it but so many other’s fa’s at my company have the theme song that our airline is known for on their phone. Or some Jaws type theme.

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