Attention flight crew members – Cancun calling!

Most of the comments from my recent Galley Gossip post, Just a few things a flight attendant doesn’t want to hear, were negative. Worse than negative. Some even down right mean. I’m sure some would say I asked for it. Maybe I did. But there were a few comments that made me smile, and one that had me ready to pack my bags…

I think flight attendants are taken for granted and under paid. Then, they are expected to make hundreds of strangers happy, feel safe and well served while acting as public relation’s professionals of the airline that they represent. All FAs are respected & welcome to a discount at the “Cabin in the Sky” oceanfront Top Floor corner unit at: Last minute Get Aways are facillitated to fit your lifestyle. Just a small token of appreciation to a great group!



  1. What a great offer!!! Though yet another reason for some of the public to hate on us even more… just the way some people give dirty looks as we use the Crew Only line to get through Immigration!!

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