Dear Skytrucker

Dear Heather,

After I’m done with school I plan to go to flight school and pursue a flying career. Someday I hope to be a real SkyTrucker flying boxes. I learned about your blog by following the links to from Kent Wien’s webpage. Its good to see there are so many of us out there who love aviation and the airline industry. I went down to Central America to visit my relatives for New Year’s and I made it a point to say please and thank you and to make eye contact with the FA’s on my flights because you suggested we (passengers) do so. I sometimes get some of those rude people you refer to on your blog on my bus too, luckily they’re only on my bus for a few minutes. BTW, I’m writing about “my bus” because I drive a shuttle bus at the airport. I get to speak to a lot of flight attendants and pilots, most of them regulars. Just this Saturday I spoke to one of my regulars who is an AA FA based in Dallas. Every time I’ve seen her she’s been on her way to Buenos Aires, she flies there on a 767. I’m from LA, Commerce to be exact but I live in San Antonio. I miss LA very much, especially the food. I’ve been in Texas for almost 8 years now.

Have a good one,


Dear Luis,

I do hope to see you on a flight one of these days (flying the plane!), so don’t give up on your dream because you sound like a very nice guy with a good head on your shoulders. Thank you again for the Los Angeles food recommendations (posted below). Funny enough, I’m from Plano, Texas but I live in Los Angeles. I miss the food, too, especially those cheesy texmex enchiladas. The Mexican food in California is just way too healthy for me. As far as your job as an airport shuttle bus driver goes, it sounds like you have an interesting job. I’d love to interview you sometime. What do you think? Can I ask you a few questions about being a skytrucker? You must have quite a few good stories.

Heather Poole

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