Turbulence, quick hold the baby up!

Hi Heather,

I just looked at your blog (Galley Gossip) and saw that you posted my question! Thank you! Your advice is awesome. I am very much looking forward to training and I will definitely keep you posted. We, meaning those of us in the pool, are just waiting to hear when our training date will be. Word has it that it may not even be this year but I feel positive that it will be.

I was on a flight last week from MDW to MCI and we had some turbulence, I would say mild to moderate and only for maybe 1 or 2 minutes but they didn’t even scare me thanks to your answer to my email. I’m not going to let a few bumps stop me from my dream. I was LMAO when I read the part about the passenger lighting up the cigarette. You’re a great writer. Thanks again!


Dear Leesa,

Thank you, Leesa, for the kind words! I’m so glad you weren’t afraid on your recent flight. I’m telling you, you’ll be so amazed at what the passengers will do during turbulence that you won’t even notice those bumps. On my last flight a young father traveling with a crying infant actually sat in his seat and held his infant up as high as he could when the seat belt sign came on. Now I understand that no one wants to hear a crying baby, but it’s really not a great idea to bounce a baby high up in the air like that when you should be holding the baby in your lap with your arms wrapped tightly around the little bundle of joy. Which is exactly what I told the father, who then looked at me like I was crazy. Better yet, strap that baby in a car seat where it belongs.
For the last year I’ve been meaning to write a post about becoming a flight attendant, but I keep getting distracted with other questions about flying. In one of these days I’m going to get to it. So which airline hired you? Let me know and I’ll mention it in the post, along with other airlines that are hiring.


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  1. Hey there Heather! My name is Victoria and I am in the pool to be trained as a flight attendant aswell. The carrier I will work with is Atlantic Southeast Airlines they are regional and part of SkyTeam. They also work as Delta Connection. I am very excited for this chance of a lifetime! During the interview process I made a friend, Chris. We became penpals via email and we are both awaiting that phone call from Atlanta telling us training has resumed. It is nice to have someone to be excited with. I remember you said in a post that flight attendants are very close.
    The only thing I am alittle concerned about is having a small chikld at home but I read your post about it and I know that it will all work out.

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