Laviator #’s 33, 34, 35 & 36

Baby Laviator



I really, really, really wanted to be the one to photograph the youngest laviator and I had planned to do just that on my flight to New York tomorrow, since I’ll be traveling with my three year-old son.  But the great Aunt Benet of Aviation Week beat me to it!   Now I present to you, drum roll please….the youngest laviator, baby laviator.  What a cutie!  Now this is definitely one of my top five laviator shots.





Here’s Graham.  I have no idea where he’s coming from or where he’s going, or even what airline he was traveling on, but he is rockin a Hawaiian shirt pretty well and he does write his own travel blog.   








I finally laviated & hope you accept my photo into the club!  I was traveling from DCA to PHX & had just woken up after a 3 hour nap.    – Edith (WN737_FlyGirl)






This Lav is surprisingly small.  We did a tour of the Concorde that’s based at Manchester Airport.  The Concorde at Manchester airport is the G-BOAC,this was the flagship of the BA fleet and was given the flight number BA 001. It’s the one they used to fly Prime Ministers, Presidents and The Queen. We were told that The Queen sat in seat 1A. We passed the toilet and my mate Kev couldn’t resist sitting down, of course the toilet is not working these days but can any of your Lavaitors claim to have sat on the Queen’s Lav?


Andy, Andy, Andy…

What are we going to do with you?  First I must say, cool story behind the photo…but on a side note, nice tidy whities!  You’re hilarious.  Don’t do hilarious again! 


*NOTICE – I did separate the child from the undies


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