Laviators 37 & 38 – MY FIRST CREW!

 I’ve been flying with a great, fun crew & I was telling them about the Laviators (not knowing I was going to be inducted today!).  I told them how cool it would be if I could get a whole crew to take a photo (our pilots were too busy) & asked them if they’d want to take a photo with me.  No hesitation whatsoever!  They were so excited without even knowing anything about it.  We took our photo in PDX this morning right before we started boarding (our Ops agent & Pilots were wondering what we were all doing in the aft lav – LOL).  Michael is the Laviator wearing the Aviators 🙂 to my right & Sean is to my left.  It would be fabulous if you could include them, too!
 Happy flying!

Edith (WN737_FlyGirl)


You’re my new favorite laviator and this is by far my favorite shot! 


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