– a new web site for airline employees and retirees

Dear Heather securedownload

came across your blog recently and I wanted to introduce you to our web site just in case you were not aware of it already. Our web site is really the first of its kind allowing Non Rev travelers to see flight schedules and more importantly, flight loads on over 130 airlines around the world. We obtain data from Sabre® global distribution system; interpret that date thru our complex formulas to put seat availability in to 1 of 5 easy to understand categories. Members who use our web site can search flights all over the world to plan their Non Rev travels or commutes. Once a member chooses the flight(s) they wish to Non Rev on, they can set up mobile and email alerts to keep them apprised of the latest loads. Since flight loads are quite dynamic and can change often before departure, it is important to keep informed of the latest loads. With our service, our members can easily choose to set up alerts from 24 hours up to 1 hour before departure thus keeping them updated while they go about their normal activities.



Dear Brad,

I haven’t had a chance to log in and check out your site, but why use your site opposed to the one I normally use?


PS – Where were you last month? That’s me in the video using my laptop to check passengers loads from Chicago to New York.



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