Laviators 39 – 47!



Here he is, my favorite laviator, the kid!  Oh yes, there was a lot of, “No, no, no, don’t touch that!  Smile!  Look at the mirror, not the camera!  The mirror! I said don’t touch that!” going on, which was followed by, “why?  why?  why?” which is kind of funny, because…well…I get that a lot when it comes to the laviators – Why?  And I still don’t have an answer.    




Well hello there, just me sending you a photo of myself in a toilet room.  This was on my flight from LAX to Narita… 🙂 – Kim, Host & Co-Creator of

Hello there right back atcha!  Just me sending you props for, oh…ya know…going for it like no other!  Now where’s your partner in crime?




Am I in? –  Barbee

Oh my gosh, Barbee, you are so in (style!) it’s not even funny!  I’ll call you when it’s time to hire a fashion consultant.







  I flew from DFW to Washington DC and couldn’t resist joining the “club.”  After I returned to my seat, my husband noticed the camera in my hand and asked if I had taken a photo.  I smiled sheepishly and said “yes, I’m now a member of the laviator’s club.”  LOL.  So, here’s another photo for your collection: 1st class lavatory, DFW to DCA – Laura Powers



 I’d like to join the laviators club, so I’m sending my picture 😉 It was taken in a TAM A320, flying from Sao Paulo to Vitoria (SBVT) in Brazil. – Lucas




Laviating on Skywest (Delta Connection) between SLC and PHX while the seatbelt sign is on.  Aircraft was a CRJ-700 – Brad,

Umm…Brad…don’t think I didn’t notice the seat belt sign was on!  Don’t think I don’t thank you for being quick.  Now get back to your seat – fast!





 Here I am, on my way back from a scuba diving vacation on CO387 from Belize City to Newark yesterday, a little tired, a little sunburned. And happy that I remembered to shoot my first laviator pic! – Nancy-  Metuchen, NJ




I perched myself up on the sink/counter area (after a good cleaning & sanitizing). – Rita,

I don’t know what it is about this photo that makes me smile, but I’m smiling, and I can’t stop smiling! 



 It’s  Ann of “The Trip Chicks” – Courtesy Delta Airlines ATL-ORD. A proud new member of Heather_Poole’s airline elite…. The Laviators!



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