The husband writes…

2956472507_0eb86465f7This hotel I’m staying in is a lot like the one I got stuck in during Katrina. Someone broke into my room this morning and went through my bag, but all they saw were really smelly outfits and a few Harley shirts. I didn’t even bother telling the owners downstairs as they were the ones who probably did it. I just turned down my bed and I think Ill sleep in my clothes tonight. The window has an electric shutter so people can’t crawl into the room. I am going to put some furniture by the door like last time.  

I have two Laviator photos for you. One is on a plane I can’t even describe. It was square and older than me. The toilet was old and it’s a vintage shot.
The power just went off in my room and I’m on battery. This whole island is fabulous. I was offered a complimentary taxi ride to a whorehouse in town that is a ‘club’.  I think its a great deal – $250 for a worn out room and a chance to get AIDS and stabbed to death all in one night.  I did get to have my Indian meal – snapper Vindaloo and Samosas followed by a cigar on the beach.  12 more hours and I’m on the plane to Curacao.  If it is anything like this I’m going to come home early even if I have to non rev in my dirty clothes.  
Love you.




  1. Hilarious. “A chance to get AIDS and stabbed to death all in one night.” Being able to use humor to tackle crap situations is the best comedy (in my opinion). Bring on more!

  2. In the lingo of many from southern US , we say “you’re not right!” (you know “up there”— said with a sad face and tenderly gesturing a slight “head shaking.”) This is the kind of writing that is highly recommended to bring a “katrina-size” laughter out here.

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